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The Four Key Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

Harnessing the many benefits of a true end-to-end digital mailroom can revolutionize your operations, erase inefficiencies and eliminate hidden costs. With complete customization and minimal install time – implementing a digital mailroom drives a complete digital transformation. Table of contents: Benefits of a digital mailroom Need a consultant on your digital mailroom process? Whether you’re […]

Workflow Integration Drives Efficiency & Data Accuracy

Workflow Integration Drives Efficiency & Data Accuracy In a digital world finding points of efficiency and improved operation are top of mind for organizations looking to optimize their business. The marketplace is flooded with solutions to solve for every existing pain point, yet many organizations are hesitant to take the leap to onboard a solutions […]

Digital Mail in the Insurance Industry. How Can It Drive Efficiency?

Digital Mail in the Insurance Industry. How Can It Drive Efficiency? Universally, businesses such as property and casualty insurers faced an immediate set of challenges in the face of Covid-19. In the short term, keeping workers safe, upholding customer expectations and maintaining business continuity were the first steps towards post-pandemic recovery. Tactically, the move to […]

A solution that produces big bottom-line results.

The OMG (Official Mail Guide) just interviewed Eco-mail CEO Jay Maller, and found he had a lot of persuasive things to say about transforming inbound paper mail to digital. In this wide-ranging interview, Jay explains Eco-mail’s development in partnership with a major U.S. financial institution, and its subsequent growth as a tool for for corporations […]

You’re accountable. Shouldn’t your mail be too?

What is accountable mail and what benefits can it bring your business? Sometimes you just need to adjust your perspective. Prospective clients often ask if our digital mail system can handle their “accountable” mail. By that, they mean all the mail that arrives with tracking numbers – things like Fedex, UPS, USPS Priority Mail, and […]

Why digital mail is catching fire?

Businesses thrive not just by serving customers, but by listening to them. As our company works to spread the word about digital mail, it’s a lesson we’ve learned time and again. Initially, we approached enterprise customers with a calling-card message of swift, substantial cost savings. Which — don’t get me wrong — we still deliver […]

Your physical mail gathers dust while digital mail gathers data.

Physical mail is the “wild west” of compliance and process controls in your business. In the past 30 years, the entirety of your organization’s work exists in the digital sphere: email, web, and digital files, all accessed electronically via easy user interfaces that let you sort, search, and share the data. Table of contents: Why […]

The Digital Mail Challenge: It’s the Model, Not the Market

The digital mail challenge it’s the model not the market Contrary to popular opinion, digital post services aren’t dead. But it has been in hibernation for the past few years as innovation in the space remained stagnant. Call me a contrarian, a dreamer, or a hopeless optimist, but I would argue that its next surge is not […]