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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, If you’re using a single sign-on we can integrate with that. If you don’t have a single sign-on, each employee’s login would be tied to their company email address.


All mail within the system is encrypted and only properly entitled users can decrypt and view each piece of mail. Entitlements are set based on configurable rules which also automate the delivery of mail to the correct recipient.


We’re looking at what we call the “envelope data” for the initial routing. Post initial delivery, if forms are structured and printed, the system can automatically read and route those.



You can route mail to an individual's private inbox, but once you send the mail outside of the EcoMail system, you’ll lose the security of the documents being encrypted, as well as the audit trail.


EcoMail incorporates Exception Management for wrong address, unreadable mail, and requests for physical original copies of mail. We have the “Readdress” tab in the Research Mail queue. In this situation, the Research Mail rep can view the audit trail, examine the mail and ensure it is delivered to the correct team/individual.



The user would simply click the “contents” option and forward that piece of mail to the correct group or individual based on the contents of the mail. In this case, a Hint would not be passed along to the Rules Administrator, but the audit trail will reflect the action of the Research Mail rep choosing “contents.”