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The digital mailroom that transforms businesses

9 of the top 16 financial institutions trust EcoMail's SaaS-based solution to empower digital transformation of their operations.


Over 1 million Users On The Software


Trusted By Over 20 Fortune 500s


Over 110 Countries Use EcoMail


Serving 9 Of The Top 16 Banks

Accessibility & Efficiency

EcoMail’s Digital Mail Solution instantly delivers mail globally—providing seamless work relocation—and cross-functional collaboration. Our digital mail simplifies and modernizes your physical mail processing.

Security & Compliance

EcoMail’s patented encryption technology enables complete confidence in your organization’s security—protecting against fraud and PII exposure. Integrated audit trails provide complete transparency and deliver unparalleled compliance.

Actionable Insights

EcoMail delivers previously unavailable data, metrics and KPIs to manage your operations. Actionable insights include: unopened mail, volumes, response times, and SLA performance.

Seamless Integration

EcoMail integrates with all of your existing processes, delivering document images and extracted metadata to specific systems based on each workflow’s requirements.

Intuitive & User-Friendly

Our intuitive, user-friendly UX/UI makes managing and processing your digital mail simple. Easily manage the distribution of key assets, receive vital KPIs, and drive greater efficiency, security, and control for your organization—all in one place.

Complete Customization

EcoMail does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you operate in one office or many, EcoMail can meet the needs of any enterprise. Our software is deployed with custom tagging, queue, and rule capability for all your operational requirements.

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Transform your operations

We revolutionize the way your business utilizes data and assets—all while creating more efficiency, security, and actionable insights for your team.