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Achieve full digital transformation with EcoMail

Insurers often receive large volumes of physical communication despite striving to improve digital processing. Maintain the privacy and security of insured client’s data and communications by partnering with EcoMail for your digital transformation.


Benefits for Insurers and Healthcare Facilities

EcoMail's HIPAA compliance and ability to maintain individual document level security ensures that no personally identifiable information (PII) is mistakenly exposed while our ability to instantly deliver mail to any user in any location improves operating efficiency.


HIPAA Compliant


Faster Customer Response


Patented Security: SOC2 & ISO Compliant


Automated Data Extraction


Enhanced Mail Metrics

"As we move forward with digitization of our business, the minimum standard for every solution is the absolute protection of our clients’ PII. EcoMail’s approach to document security meets this standard and allows us to improve efficiency in our mailroom and throughout our entire organization."

Richard A. VP, Office of Data Security


Transform your operations

We revolutionize the way your business utilizes data and assets—all while creating more efficiency, security, and actionable insights for your team.