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EcoMail transforms your business


Improved Productivity

EcoMail’s Digital Mail Solution instantly delivers mail globally—providing immediate access and cross-functional collaboration.


Enhanced Security & Compliance

By digitizing your mail, all your assets become completely encrypted, trackable and auditable—eliminating compliance headaches.


Significant Cost Savings

Reduced labor cost in the mailroom and throughout your organization.


EcoMail handles correspondence, transactional, and even return mail.

All Of Your Mail

All your mail is instantly accessible, to the right person or groups, whenever they need it, and wherever they are.

Universal Access

Dynamic, no-code, delivery and workflow rules to meet the needs of every department in your company today, and as they evolve.

Complete Customization & Flexibility

EcoMail can reliably extract data from all of your documents—even those that are handwritten.

World Class Data Extraction

Digital Mail distribution, data extraction, and integration with your systems of record—all in a single solution.

Mailroom to System of Record


EcoMail’s patented encryption technology enables complete confidence in your organization’s security—protecting against fraud and PII exposure.

Patented Security

Physical mail is the wild west of compliance. In a traditional model it’s almost impossible to see where mail has gone and who has seen it. With EcoMail’s solution, for every document, every action is tracked, logged, and available for review.

Enhanced Compliance

Our open API enables integration with virtually all of your existing systems.

Open API

EcoMail’s software uses single sign-on (SSO) technology that allows users to log into our platform and related programs with single ID.

SSO Integration

Manually dealing with return mail is resource intensive. EcoMail has built-in functionality to improve the processing of return mail.

Return Mail

Industries We Serve

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Transform your operations

We revolutionize the way your business utilizes data and assets—all while creating more efficiency, security, and actionable insights for your team.