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Ebook: Enabling Business Continuity with Digital Mail


This eBook will examine the following topics:

Digital Transformation Strategy

How are current state-of-the-art digital mailroom solutions used to solve the mail delivery problems and why these systems are an important strategic component of your long-term digital transformation strategy.

Workforce Issues & Client Demand

Historically, digital mailroom technology has been driven by efficiency and cost reduction. However, in today’s current environment, a natural byproduct of these systems is the ability to help you address workforce issues and meet client demand – both of which are key components for maintaining the continuity of your business.

Audit, Compliance, & Security

Digital mail solutions vastly improve audit, compliance, and security problems related to physical mail – and can be done whether you are processing the work in your office or remotely.


In addition to helping you solve all of your immediate problems, implementing a digital mailroom provides a true return on your investment.

Chapter 1: What is a Digital Mailroom?
Chapter 2: Digital Mail: A Strategic Component of Digital Transformation
Chapter 3: The Current State of Digital Mail
Chapter 4: Why Isn’t Digital Mail More Prevalent?
Chapter 5: The Optimal Digital Mail Solution
Chapter 6: The Economics of Digital Mail
Chapter 7: Implementation

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