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Why digital mail is catching fire?


Businesses thrive not just by serving customers, but by listening to them. As our company works to spread the word about digital mail, it’s a lesson we’ve learned time and again. Initially, we approached enterprise customers with a calling-card message of swift, substantial cost savings. Which — don’t get me wrong — we still deliver and they still appreciate.

Table of contents:

What makes digital mail stand out from the crowd?

Once we started a dialog, our most forward-thinking prospects sparked a new way of thinking. Increasingly, they cited a less tangible but much greater long-term benefit of digital mail – a surge in customer responsiveness, which they see as a linchpin of brand perception and loyalty.

Flexibility and efficiency

Today, those sparks are catching fire across enterprises and industries. For many of our target customers, the deepest advantages of digital mail may be “non-dollar”: they involve timeliness, and flexibility, and responsiveness – which add up to a better managed company, more memorable customer experiences, and more lasting customer perceptions.

Shorter response time

Educated by these customers, we’ve evolved our message: In a rapidly digitizing world, physical mail holds you back – unnecessarily. The vast majority of your transactions, communications and workflows are already digital, making your organization demonstrably faster and more flexible. Now it’s time to get rid of physical mail, one of the last vestiges of the paper era.

Automation and transparency

Why? Paper mail is inherently slow. It takes time and effort to move physical stuff. But digital mail? You can pull scanned address data from it automatically, and instantly distribute it anywhere in the world. You can centralize it, secure it, put it in a queue, monitor the queue’s size, add resources to handle increased workloads, track it, audit it, back it up. You can even create parallel workflows to perform multiple operations at the same time.

The popularity of digital mail – the takeaway

The result: Bottom line, you run your business at 21st-century speed, get back to you customers faster, and nothing ever gets lost – all of which is intrinsically better for your business. Finally, it can truly be “100% digital.”

What’s the added value of inspiring your customers to think you’re way more responsive than the competition? It’s a provocative question, and it gives our potential clients some memorable food for thought. Whatever the answer, digital mail is catching fire and, as we’ve been taught by insightful customers, it’s not just about reducing costs – but because companies see the competitive advantage of bringing the digital revolution to every corner of their organization…even the mailroom. These days, when we connect with a new client, their eyes often burn brightest when they view our value proposition in that broader, more innovative context.