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The Four Key Benefits of a Digital Mailroom


Harnessing the many benefits of a true end-to-end digital mailroom can revolutionize your operations, erase inefficiencies and eliminate hidden costs. With complete customization and minimal install time – implementing a digital mailroom drives a complete digital transformation.

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Whether you’re an insurance organization with high-volume claims processing needs or a government agency tackling regulatory guidelines, a digital mailroom can help you eliminate both paper and process bottlenecks. 

Eliminating your physical content through digitization and automated workflows not only reduces inefficiencies but also increases security and improves actionable insights – driving better business decisions.

The right digital mailroom can improve the processing of all your analog content. Eco-Mail’s digital mailroom acts as the digital hub of your organization – ingesting physical mail along with any other analog content including physical mail, faxes, emails, texts, and PDFs. Eco-Mail also manages the complete transformation of these assets from analog content to usable digital data with intelligent routing.

Benefits of a digital mailroom

  1. Reduced Operational Costs and Inefficiencies

There are hidden inefficiencies buried in almost every step of physical content processing.  Pickup, sorting, delivery, duplication, and interoffice redelivery are just a few of the examples of cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive buried inefficiencies.

By digitizing your mail upon arrival, and eliminating inefficiencies, your organization can then repurpose labor in other, more vital parts of your organization. This ability to redistribute time positively impacts your business’s bottom line. 

  1. Improved KPIs and Actionable Insights

Among process reengineering professionals, there is a saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t monitor it.”  Historically, tracking physical mail has been rudimentary at best.  Implementing a digital mailroom automatically delivers detailed KPIs and metrics and completely transforms your ability to efficiently monitor and manage all aspects of analog content workflow – from the mailroom to customer turn-around time.

Digital systems like Eco-Mail’s can deliver key data and insights to management in a fraction of the time. Armed with information like how many pieces of mail were processed by each department, how long a specific request took, and the status of time-sensitive requests enables key stakeholders in your organization to drive efficiency and make better, more informed decisions across your entire business.

  1. Increased Security 

Digital mail is far more secure than physical mail.  Only properly entitled users can see each specific piece of mail and you are able to protect personally-identifying information (PII) that may be embedded in any piece of mail.  Both are controls that simply aren’t available with physical mail. A solution like Eco-Mail utilizes patented encryption, automated audit trails, and seamless integration to ensure a completely secure end-to-end process.

In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, digital mail audit trails provide better control, visibility and regulatory compliance across your entire organization. With audit trail functionality, Eco-Mail gives your mailroom administrators complete oversight over who’s seen, who has access to, and what’s been shared across every asset, at any time. Armed with these actionable insights, security risks are practically eliminated. 

  1. Business Continuity & Collaboration

Whether your teams are working remotely by necessity or just to improve work-life balance, digital mail allows your business to continue operating efficiently.

Once an asset is captured in your digital mail software it is instantly delivered to the appropriate recipient wherever they may be located.  DIgitized mail is also searchable and sharable, empowering cross-collaboration for any items that have complex workflows, or need to be prioritized. Custom workflows can more quickly and automatically push processes to completion without adding manual sorting and keying.

Having a digital mailroom solution that facilitates a digital hub within your organization, aligns all your business processes – driving operational efficiency in every corner of your organization. 

Need a consultant on your digital mailroom process?

With a long history of delivering transformative digital mailroom solutions to a growing list of diversified clients, Eco-Mail is the leading enterprise solutions provider in the industry. 

At Eco-Mail we pride ourselves on being true consultants to our client’s needs. Are you unsure if digital mail is right for your organization? Contact us today. 

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