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Google’s Mail and Gmail – What Can We Learn about Gmail Automation?


Google’s Mail and Gmail – What Can We Learn about Gmail Automation?

In today’s digital world, it seems pretty logical to think that physical mail is a problem rapidly headed toward extinction. In fact, with the constant drumbeat of increasing productivity and decreasing cost, you might think that your company’s mail has already been reduced to insignificant levels. But as this blog makes clear—no company is exempt from dealing with the inefficiencies of physical mail. What are the benefits of digital mail in this respect?

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Googlemail for work – is it automated?

Let’s consider a true story by writer Dylan Love, as reported by Business Insider. Dylan was fresh out of college at the time, working unremarkable temp jobs, when he found something special— a gig at Google.

This was no posh programming position, however.

Rather, Love found himself working in the mailroom of the largest email provider in the world. And the ironies don’t end there.

Though algorithmic efficiency has turned Google into a global superpower, Love soon found that Googlemail and Gmail’s deluge of physical mail was met with more chaotic processes:

  • “The two pros I worked with knew where to put each piece of mail with a quick glance at the recipient’s name. But I, the daft new guy, needed to look up every name.”

Reflecting on it all, he noted that Google’s mail showed no signs of letting up:

  • “The amount of mail that circulates in Google’s internal mailroom is absurd.”

Benefits of digital mail based on Google’s example

What does this absurd mean? Precisely speaking the 27 billion pieces of paper B2B mail delivered by USPS in 2016. So it’s no surprise that this same story continues to play out across the entire business world, in the countless paper mail processes that drive tremendous cost and inefficiency in every corner of an organization, well beyond the mailroom.

If Google mail for business is any indication, the physical mail problem can’t simply be emailed away — but with a robust digital mail solution, 85% of this physical mail can be eliminated virtually overnight. Companies quickly begin to save millions of dollars, improve their audit and compliance controls, and eliminate one of the largest remaining hurdles to becoming a truly modern organization.

One of the benefits of digital mail is that your mail starts working like you do. Up and down your organization, laborious and time-intensive processes give way to the 21st-century speed and control that you and your customers expect from the rest of your business.

That’s the magic of digital mail — an elegant solution to a hidden problem — and the power to run your business the way you already imagined it.

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