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Corporate Digital Mailroom Solution – End Paper Mail


Put an end to the paper mail that bogs down your enterprise.

Eco-mail turns your physical mail into digital assets – streamlining and accelerating all your transactional and operational correspondence. Enjoy huge gains in efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness. And the potential of twenty, thirty – even $50 million in annual savings.

Table of contents:

Paperless mail has arrived

Eco-mail is driven by the belief that physical mail is a slow, expensive, and cumbersome anachronism in today’s digital and mobile-centric world. Until now, mass digitizing of paper mail, and elimination of the private post offices that businesses have built into their organizations, hasn’t been a real possibility.

Because no solution has offered an authenticated, secure, and reliable digital interchange for incoming enterprise correspondence.

How can digital mail change your life?

With elegant and massively scalable efficiency, Eco-mail transforms your enterprise with the power and productivity of paperless mail.

The size of the issue isn’t apparent. For most enterprises, recognition of the huge costs – in time and money – of processing transactional
paper mail is submerged in the corporate subconscious.

Small pieces of the puzzle are plainly evident to different departments within a company. But no single constituency sees the entire picture.

For management, awareness is low.
Ironically, executive management – though constantly tasked with keeping costs down – is barely aware of the problem. Individually, they’ve seen a
significant decrease in the paper mail they receive and likely assume the same is true across their organization.

Mailroom and workflows

Most of their workflow is handled via email, and it’s natural for them to conclude that everyone else in the enterprise is doing pretty
much the same.

The mailroom sorts – and forgets.

Mailroom employees see every single incoming envelope – sometimes tens of thousands a day – but their job ends when mail is sorted and dropped at its initial destination.

Recipients see only their slice of the problem.
The great bulk of that mail (around 70%) requires further processing by a wide variety of operational groups. But recipients in those groups see only their small fraction of the problem and concentrate on their own long-established workflows.

The result is loss of efficiency – especially when multiple people need to touch and track the same physical document.

The takeaway

As businesses grow and evolve, the limitations of physical mail have often created inefficient and intractable processes that remain in place for decades.

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