digital mail for insurance industry

The Challenge:

Universally, businesses such as property and casualty insurers faced an immediate set of challenges in the face of Covid-19. In the short term, keeping workers safe, upholding customer expectations and maintaining business continuity were the first steps towards post-pandemic recovery. Tactically, the move to remote work-from-home models has proven to be more successful than previously determined, but only when equipped with a solution for accessibility, cross-collaboration and efficiency.

The success has been so great that in many industries, including insurance, remote and hybrid work strategies are now expected to become the norm.  A recent PwC survey of nearly 700 CEOs revealed that 78% believe remote work is here to stay.  Similarly, a Gartner survey found 80% of employers will allow their teams to work remotely post-pandemic. Finally, a survey of current remote workers by PwC found that more than 55% prefer to work remotely at least 60% or three days per week.

One area where the transformation hasn’t been so smooth is physical mail.  Organizations have discovered that in a largely remote, digital world managing and processing physical content is fraught with problems – and they go far beyond just getting the mail to someone who can act on it. 

Physical mail is slow, expensive to move, difficult to monitor, lacks even the most basic security, is nearly impossible to accurately track from an audit and compliance perspective and resists collaborative processing when workers are spread across significant distances.

The challenge insurance companies now face is how to implement a strategic, long-term solution that allows them to efficiently and securely process physical mail in the new hybrid and remote working environment.

Our Solution:

Eco-Mail is the leading provider of enterprise digital mail software that transforms an organization’s physical mail distribution and processing.  Our solution transforms the complete lifecycle of distribution, workflow and integration of virtually all analog content.  More than an application, Eco-Mail is a no-code digital mail platform that is configurable for virtually all types of mail, all departments and all corporate systems of record.

Eco-Mail provides patented data and document security, automated audit trails, remote collaboration, configurable workflow and data extraction, and image and data integration with existing systems.  Eco-Mail’s platform also improves mail transparency, process controls and KPIs and extensive reporting.

Eco-Mail goes far beyond solving the immediate, tactical pandemic-driven work from home problem.  It is the strategic solution to the digital transformation of your legacy physical content and the removal of a major source of physical processing.  Our solution reduces cost, improves document and process security, improves customer response time – all while enabling collaborative and remote work.

Eco-Mail As The Solution:

In a now permanent hybrid work environment, mitigating risk and ensuring accessibility for both employees and the communities they serve is vital in achieving organizational success and business continuity. Many organizations have taken the success of a remote work environment as a queue to consolidate their physical locations, giving flexibility back to their teams in an open-office format. In this flexible work environment teams no longer have designated offices or practical means of receiving mail at an address. This decentralized office model created an immediate mailroom challenge as physical mail, faxes and paper assets become no longer accessible to remote and hybrid teams. Calling on the need for a digital mail solution like Eco-Mail to ensure business continuity and ease of access.

The move to remote work has sparked security concerns for many organizations with large amounts of sensitive customer information. The risk of open-access on unsecured networks and device theft increases when teams work remotely, calling on organizations to enact tighter controls in this hybrid model. Insurers specifically, handle a wide range of regulatory measures with access to sensitive data such as social security numbers, medical records, birthdays and other unique identifiers. Regulatory measures such as HIPPA and SOC 2 compliance are in place to ensure privacy, confidentiality and reduce fraudulent activity. Without these controls, clients are at an increased risk of fraud such as identity theft and organizations are at risk for hefty financial penalties for not properly securing their data. By moving to a digital mailroom, insurance organizations can increase the security and compliance of their assets. Through Eco-Mail’s patented encryption software and full audit trail, risks such as open-access, unapproved distribution and fraud are both mitigated and traceable— making document control and regulatory compliance far simpler tasks.

Organizations often have predetermined service level agreements to ensure they are meeting customer service benchmarks. High mail volume industries such as insurance, receive mail that is both time-sensitive and data-sensitive.  Access to physical content immediately upon ingestion is no longer a “nice to have” in a post-pandemic workplace. Consumers expect both immediacy and diligence, in regards to their communications with a provider. Immediate access to physical mail is a key driver for business success and more specifically customer satisfaction. Eco-Mail’s automated mailroom processes increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time — driving key KPIs. Adopting a solution for digital transformation like Eco-Mail can ensure your service level agreements are being met consistently and into the long-term future. Eco-Mail’s audit trails inform this process with ‘time-unopened” and “unactioned” items further driving key SLAs. 

By implementing Eco-Mail’s digital mailroom solution insurance organizations can reengineer their processes to drive greater efficiency with workflow integration. By integrating Eco-Mail and your downstream systems of record organizations can ensure no piece of mail is ever truly “lost”, mishandled or contaminated. Driving further efficiency, a digital mailroom solution reduces inter-office mail. Once mail, faxes and any other content is ingested into our solution it can be distributed in a shared environment without requiring external action. Insurers can utilize workflow integration to set rules that push specific claims into the appropriate department — driving both efficiency and customer service.  This traceable and accessible model reduces duplicate content and swirl mail.

Eco-Mail ‘s EMX Enterprise Solution for digital mailroom automation is the premier provider for a long-term solution to remote work. The solution’s digital nature allows for instant global delivery, seamless work relocation and cross-functionality making it a necessary tool in navigating the evolving remote, hybrid and open-office environment. Coupled with its open API capabilities Eco-Mail can seamlessly and easily integrate into your existing workflows as soon as it’s deployed — demonstrating the benefits of a digital mailroom almost immediately upon ingestion.

Jay Maller
Jay Maller
Jay Maller is the founder and CEO of Eco-mail. He has 30+ years of management experience leading the design, development and implementation of financial products: prime brokerage, hedge fund, portfolio accounting, and fixed-income derivatives trading solutions. As Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, he led the development of the business’ industry-leading client facing applications, proprietary multi-currency portfolio accounting system, and complete re-engineering of all client management workflow systems.

Eco-Mail is a secure, scalable, Digital Post Office system that transforms incoming physical mail into powerful digital assets – at their point of entry to your business. We enable clients to streamline their operations, increase response times, improve their controls and compliance – and, by the way, save a huge amount of money. We’re already helping one of America’s three largest banks. We love to talk about digital mail, so email me direct if you like at [email protected]