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Corporate Digital Mailroom Solution – End Paper Mail

Put an end to the paper mail that bogs down your enterprise. Eco-mail turns your physical mail into digital assets – streamlining and accelerating all your transactional and operational correspondence. Enjoy huge gains in efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness. And the potential of twenty, thirty – even $50 million in annual savings. Finally, paperless mail has […]

Digital Mail Delivers Efficiency In The Insurance Industry

The Challenge: Universally, businesses such as property and casualty insurers faced an immediate set of challenges in the face of Covid-19. In the short term, keeping workers safe, upholding customer expectations and maintaining business continuity were the first steps towards post-pandemic recovery. Tactically, the move to remote work-from-home models has proven to be more successful […]

Audit Trails Facilitate Security, Control and Transparency

Physical mail has been around forever. In a world that has largely gone digital over the past thirty years, the United States Postal Service still delivers over 25 billion pieces of business to business (B2B) mail every year. Today more than ever, digitizing your mail is an essential step in optimizing and securing your business […]

OPEX and Eco-Mail Modernize Physical B2B Mail for Top Bank

NEW YORK, April 11, 2019 — OPEX Corporation, a recognized global leader in innovative scanning and mailroom automation technologies, and Eco-Mail, a leader in software digital mail solutions, have partnered to provide an industry-leading digital mail solution to one of the top three banks in the United States. The solution will eliminate virtually all distribution […]

Physical mail is the Wild West of compliance.

Recently, I was talking about digital mail with a woman who runs compliance for a large financial institution.  I was talking about the increased responsiveness, decreased cost and added controls of digital mail when she said, “Trust me.  I get it. Physical mail is the wild west of compliance.” Until then, I hadn’t really thought […]

Robotic Process Automation is coming to your mail.

Okay, I admit it.  Robots aren’t coming to your office anytime soon – but Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is already here.  Generally speaking, RPA is a way to use software robots to easily automate processes both within the same system and across multiple systems.  RPA automates a lot of clerical processes which drives down costs, […]

It’s 10 PM – Do you know where your mail is?

It’s 2018, and physical mail really should be a thing of the past – but it isn’t. The USPS still sent 27 billion pieces of B2B paper mail in 2016, and it hasn’t abated. In all likelihood, this means your company still receives a massive amount of actionable mail – and that at least some part […]

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

In 2016, the USPS delivered 27 billion pieces of B2B mail. Here and now, in the digital age, that’s a lot of paper – and it’s being distributed to pretty much every corner of your organization.Moving all that physical mail is expensive, probably much more expensive than you think. But you may never know, because it’s really difficult to […]

There’s Gmail. And Then There’s Google’s Mail.

In today’s digital world, it seems pretty logical to think that physical mail is a problem rapidly headed toward extinction. In fact, with the constant drumbeat of increasing productivity and decreasing cost, you might think that your company’s mail has already been reduced to insignificant levels. But as this blog makes clear—no company is exempt […]

Your digital mail system needs to fit your business.

Digitizing mail seems like it should be simple – just scan it and you’re done, right? – but, as always, the devil is in the details. Mail reaches into every corner of your business, across departments with diverse tasks. And in the same way that there’s rarely a single workflow that works for every department, […]