Seamless Integration

Integrate with your existing systems and workflows.

Eco-Mail doesn’t change your departmental workflows – it integrates with them.

SOAP, REST, any API. Eco-mail integrates with virtually all of your existing systems. Our flexible integration strategy allows you to easily deploy our solution broadly – and see benefits quickly.

Eco-mail works equally well with in-house or outsourced mail services.

Eco-mail is a technology solution that reaches from your mailroom to every corner of your organization. Whether your mail services are in-house, outsourced, or some combination – Eco-mail works equally well. We don’t compete with mail service operations – we make them more efficient.

Maximum flexibility and minimal end-user impact, now and down the road.

Competitive systems are often proprietary and tied to the vendor’s service offering. Eco-mail is a software-only platform that’s agnostic to both scanning hardware and service provider. You get complete control of your operations today while maintaining future flexibility – all with minimal impact to your users.

Deploy it fast, see benefits quickly.

Unlike many other systems, Eco-mail doesn’t completely change your existing departmental workflows, and is less disruptive to existing downstream processes. So it’s easier to roll out, allowing you to see benefits sooner.