Decrease Costs

Drive cost savings

Digitizing inbound mail delivers hard-dollar savings of $1 or more – per piece.

Labor, transportation, storage, duplication, interoffice mail, and inefficient scanning. Eco-mail transforms your mail at the point of entry, and eliminates all of these paper-driven costs.

Centralized point-of-entry scanning saves 95% over downstream scanning throughout your organization.

Almost every transactional document is probably being scanned at some point. High-speed centralized scanners produce 10 times the volume, with half of the labor cost. The result is a 95% savings on every document scanned.

Digitizing physical mail shrinks your corporate services staff and real estate.

Mailroom consolidation, elimination of hand-sorting and physical delivery means less resources allocated to non-revenue producing processes.

Digitizing inbound mail allows you to move work to the most efficient and affordable location.

Physical mail is often processed near where it’s received, to prevent incremental transportation costs. With Eco-mail, digital mail can be moved around the globe without time or cost, allowing you to utilize the most cost-effective resources and locations.

Eco-mail delivers significant intangible benefits that are easy to identify but hard to measure.

Faster response, tighter audit controls, improved compliance, better transparency, and metrics to manage your business. Eco-mail delivers them all. It’s difficult to put a value on these benefits, but their value is undeniable.