Controls & Transparency

Make every incoming document accountable.

Digital mail delivers transparency and control. One document. Unlimited authorized viewers.

Often, multiple colleagues need to process the same document. In the physical world, this means multiple paper copies – and a loss of document control. With Eco-mail, there’s only a single instance of each digital document, that supports multiple views and actions, all perfectly documented.

Dramatically improve audit controls. Eco-mail automatically builds a consistent, consolidated audit trail.

Automated audit trails track every action, simplify, and improve the control of all your transactional processes. So tracking progress, and monitoring outcomes, is dramatically easier – for every document that flows through your business.

End the compliance nightmares affiliated with physical mail.

Incoming physical mail is notoriously hard to manage and track. By digitizing all inbound mail, you make every piece trackable, searchable, and auditable. So document control – and regulatory compliance – become far simpler tasks.