Many of the costs of physical mail are hidden - and massive.
Eco-Mail Enterprise reduces them all.
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Apparent costs
Initial sort & Delivery
Hidden costs
Post-delivery sub-sort
Inter-office mail
Downstream scanning
Inefficient use of labor
With paper mail, the majority of costs build up after the mailroom does its job.
As physical mail moves through your business, the costs of departmental sub-sorts, inter-office delivery, duplication, and downstream scanning continue to accrue - preventing you from optimizing labor costs.
The benefits really stack up.
Save on Initial Sort and Delivery
Post office to mailroom to recipient - Eco-Mail Enterprise streamlines this process by enabling high-speed, centralized scanning upon receipt, with all onward delivery in digital form. Your business spends far less time and effort on sorting and delivering by hand.
Minimize Post-Delivery Sub-Sort
Often, paper mail addressed to departments is opened, reviewed, and resorted by subject matter experts, then repackaged for forwarding. Eco-Mail Enterprise eliminates all that handling and re-delivery - replacing it with a single digital click.
Inter-Office Mail Becomes Digital, Not Physical
Moving mail from one point to another becomes essentially free - and instantaneous. No more deja vu for mailroom employees, re-handling all that rerouted mail. For any business that works from multiple geographies, this savings can be huge.
Eliminate Downstream Scanning
Scan once and you're done. Centralized scanning digitizes your inbound mail in a few high-speed, low-cost processing centers. By eliminating downstream scanning, you minimize real estate and labor required for further sorts and distribution, in every area of your business.
Duplication Virtually Disappears
Making paper copies can go the way of the horse and buggy. Digital documents can be viewed by as many eyes are necessary, while Eco-Mail Enterprise builds an automated audit trail that tracks every action with complete efficiency.
Shift Labor to Where It Makes Sense
Physical mail forces you to work close to where the mail is received. With Eco-Mail Enterprise, you can seamlessly move processing anywhere. Centralize and optimize labor in the lowest cost region, off-site or offshore.
One digital document, many perspectives, singular control.
Set new standards for document control and ease of compliance.
  • Every digitized document can be viewed by an unlimited number of authorized recipients
  • Integrated audit trails automatically build a record of who's seen each document, & what they've done with it
  • The result is newfound control and efficiency in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.
Legal Counsel
Department Manager
Sorting Facility
Compliance Designate
Supervisory Management
Intended Recipient
Eco-Mail Enterprise moves your mail at the speed of business.
  • Internal operations are streamlined.
  • Response times improve exponentially.
  • Infrastructure, transportation, and labor costs fall significantly.
  • Document controls and compliance are automated and transparent.
Eco-Mail revolutionizes mail.
Join the revolution.

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